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Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band

​The Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band was established in 1962 to preserve and advance Celtic piping, drumming, and dancing.  They are one of the oldest existing pipe bands in the Upper Midwest.  Over the years The Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band has become a fixture in parades, celebrations, dances and an increasing number of private festivities.  Their distinct Irish uniforms-saffron kilt, black tunic, and black cabeen (beret) with green or red plumes are modeled after traditional Irish pipe bands.  A number of the band members wear the original brass buttons from uniforms of the Irish Volunteers, the very units involved in the historic Easter Uprising in Dublin, Ireland, 1916.  Some of the music performed by the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band came out of that fierce era of Ireland​'s past.  Other pieces are more modern and many are much older-ancient reels and airs, timeless ballad and war marches, and lively, lighthearted jigs.  Listen to their music below!

Check out their website:  www.brianborupipeband.com

ARCC Cloggers

The ARCC Cloggers will return for another show-stopping performance at the 10th Annual Northeast South Dakota Celtic Faire and Games.  The Cloggers consist of Dance Instructors and students for the Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center in Aberdeen, SD.   Clogging bridges the gap between the traditional Sean-nos dancing of Ireland and the traditional North American Scots-Irish folk dancing that was done by Early American Scots-Irish settlers.  Clogging is an American adaptation of several dance forms that included sean-nos dance from Ireland, Highland dance from Scotland and African-American buckdance.  The dance form is performed with a hard heeled shoe and blends the intricate rhythms and dance steps of the three cultures.  The Dancers can number between 4 and 10 on any given year.

The Northerly Gales

The Northerly Gale is a Twin Cities-based acoustic Folk Quartet with voice, guitar, fiddle and bass augmented by harmonica, whistle, pipes and bodhran.    Jimmy Sherman (pipes/harmonicas/whistles/vocals) has been a piper with The Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band of St. Paul, MN for 15 years.  While learning Irish traditional music with Boru, he has also studied Highland Piping at the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland, and holds certification for that institution.  He often collaborates with other local musicians and pipers and composes music as well.  Randy Conway (bass/bodhran/vocals) slaps the bass and pounds the drum with a ferocity few can match.  Danny Schwarze (guitar/vocals) started down a slippery slope when he first picked up a guitar.  Little did he know the influence those six strings would have on his life.  Not only does he play guitar and bodhran, he's been know to dabble in a variety of other string and percussion instruments.  If it can be plucked and strummed, bowed or struck, he will eagerly strive to master it.  Now based in St. Paul, MN, Danny is an elementary school wrangler by day and guitar slinger by night with a background in rock, jazz, traditional Irish and American folk and classical music.  Rounding out the Quartet is Tamara Maluda with vocals and fiddle.

Check out their website:  www.northerlygales.com

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The Long Nines

The Long Nines consist of Pete, Joel, Alexis and Jeremy Burckhard and form the Irish Folk Band of The Long Nines.  Based in Aberdeen, SD.  The Long Nines' music is a mix of traditional Irish drinking songs, pub songs, a pinch of Pouges and Flogging Molly.  The Long Nines have been playing together since Pete's children and grandchildren began exploring music and finally became an official band about 10  years ago.  "We play this music because it's fun," explains Joel.  "It's fun for us, it's fun for the people listening, and it is just always a good time."  Come to the Faire and enjoy a mug-swinging, feet-stomping good time with the Burckhard family.

Steel City Rovers

The Steel City Rovers are Celtibilly; the cross-pollination of the Celtic and North American traditions. Sophisticated and hypnotizing musical arrangements. Expressive and clever lyrical compositions. In their ambitious first few years, these Canadians have risen to appear internationally on coveted stages, to be nominated for numerous music awards and to have their original works top the traditional radio charts. The Rovers are warm and engaging performers who are simply electric to witness in person. Ryan is a powerful baritone and is joined on harmonies by his guitar-playing brother Joel for that inimitable familial vocal blend. The rest of the band often harmonizes as well, creating a classic Celtic feel. Mark is a multi-instrumentalist, rotating quickly between wind, strings, keys and even the Scottish smallpipes. Dave on fiddle is lightning-quick and incredibly precise. Dave on percussion plays a dynamic setup of own invention. This act is always fresh, familiar and fun.

Check out their website: www.steelcityrovers.com

2017 Celtic Fair Schedule

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O'Bleary's Pub

​The Pub will offer mead and a variety of popular Celtic Beers throughout the Faire.

Tap- Dakota Territory Scotch Ale - Saturday night only!

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Bottle - mikes assorted and guinness

  • Amazing Grace (50th Anniversary Version With Drums)2:31

R.J. Lundgren as Pope Malarkey the First

RJ spent several years as a radio announcer before going into business and eventually professional acting.  In recent years he has appeared in the stage versions of “Man of La Mancha” and “one Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and has appeared in the films “Haunting Villisca,” The “Season,” “Resist Evil,” "Danny Johnson Saves the World,” and a number of Indy Short Films.  He is currently a Board Member of the Iowa Community Theatre Association.  Lundgren resides in Des Moines, Iowa, where he spends time with family and continues to pursue acting as well as writing.

The Pope is coming to the Celtic Faire!! The first Irish Pope, His Hooleyness, Malarkey I, is coming to the NESD Celtic Faire!!

As the story goes….  Formerly Brother Blarney, His Hooleyness, Malarkey I, belonged to the Brothers of the Sacred Shamrock.  Found as a babe abandoned in a patch of cloves in Blarney, Ireland, by the Brothers of the Sacred Shamrock, he was raised by the Brothers until he was old enough to join the Order. Upon joining the Order, he became Brother Blarney and worked tirelessly in the Order’s distilleries making sure the Irish whiskey they made was practically perfect in every way.  When the previous Puntiff tragically drowned in a vat of whiskey, Brother Blarney was elevated to Puntiff, taking the name of Malarkey the First.  Malarkey I’s first order as Puntiff, was to change the sacramental wine to Irish whiskey.  Attendance at communion jumped 2,000%, and for this His Hooleyness has been widely known as the Peoples Pope.

Rince na Chroi

Rince na Chroi (pronounced Rink-a na Cree), Gaelic for “dance of the heart,” was founded by Katie Stephens Spangler in February 2003 after 15 years of Irish dancing and teaching experience in Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Paul.

Since opening our doors, Rince na Chroi has grown from about 15 dancers to over 150. We have performed all over the Twin Cities and the Midwest at events such as the Irish Fair of Minnesota, the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival, Grand Old Day, Milwaukee Irish Fest, and many more. Recently, our dancers have performed an average of 100 times each year, in venues such as the Minnesota Zoo and the Landmark Center and with talented musicians such as the Two Tap Trio, the Minnesota Police Pipe Band and Gaelic Storm.

Rince na Chroi encourages open communication between dancers, parents and our teaching staff. Our purpose is to provide a positive, fun learning atmosphere for all of our students. Our dancers are friends, both in and out of the classroom. We strive to instill a sense of belonging, school spirit and confidence in each and every Rince na Chroi student.​

NESD Celtic Faire & Games events Schedule